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Friday, 28 February 2014 06:28

CryptoCoins Die Finished

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CryptoCoins Completed DieWe are now less than a day away from having the first look at the very first CryptoCoins! We received this picture from the mint which has taken months of work by ourselves and the talented staff at Tower Mint. This is the die which will actually be used to hammer in the design onto the back of all CryptoCoins and leave the centra chip in the centre of the coin frosted to reduce reflection for QR code scanners trying to scan the coins unique bitcoin address that will be individuall engraved on the back center of every coin. So all 1,000 of our #ccBTC CryptoCoins first edition 45mm Gold Plate 1 BTC Physical BitCoins will be one of a kind as no two will share the same QR code and that coin will forever be able to be scanned and it's full history, and balance, forever captured in the blockchain. This makes every CryptoCoin an amazing piece of the CryptoCurrency history, each with it's own story to tell, as well as being beautifully hand crafted, with each circuitry trace sculpted by hand at TowerMint, these coins are going to be a collectors item and also serve as the most modern "metal wallet" ever seen, rather than simply a vehicle used to securely transport a set CryptoCurrency value, leaving you with the remnents of a collectable that has been so badly damaged by tamper evident stickers, the original beauty of the coin lost.

Our goal has always been to create physical CryptoCurrency's in a smarter, easier to use, and beautifully designed form that will be just as amazing as when it has been spent, as the first day you received it. Looking at this die I can tell we are getting very close to achieving this goal.

Samples come back from the mint tomorrow and off to the engravers where we start testing to make sure the measures put in place to allow the QR codes to be easily scannable and also easy to engrave on 1,000 coins!

We will be launching an official blog shortly which will cover a lot of topics, with our first focus being on the minting process and the difficulties faced in engraving QR codes onto coins!

Saturday, 08 February 2014 03:33

CryptoCoins BitCoin Update

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Tower Mint have finished work on the sculpting of the back of the coin which will be used on our physical BitCoin, LiteCoin, and future 2014 CryptoCurrency's. This part of the process is vital to be done perfectly as this back will be used on many of our coins in many sizes and has to be just right so that the unique QR code can be laser etched twice to make sure to get a clear and ark QR code that can be easily scanned. 

We are very happy to unveil to the world these first hand images of the plaster which is used to create the final dies with which the mint will pound this design into the various metals used in CryptoCoins. We can't wait to show you what a real one will look like in beautiful 45mm gold plated glory with a real life BitCoin address etched on the back, and we hope to have these test coins back in a week or two at which point it's full steam again as we know that everything design wise is working so we can have the front of the first 1 BTC coin die created for the front side, which will combine with this back side and once done, be the coin that we

launch the initial run of 1,000 CryptoCoins with! 

I will also show you a rendering (a very badly done one at that) which I attempted to photoshop together to illustrate what the coin will look like if it were made from this plaster. As everything you see needs to be inverted as the 3 levels of depth you see in this will mean that things that are sunken down in this will actually appear on the coin as above the others which are pressed down below the "table" or surface of the coin. Hopefully my bad photoshop job won't have to be all you see for long as we will get photo's up as soon as we get the first samples back from the mint!

This is a bit what it would look like with the QR code on it. At the end of the post I will show an overlay of the SVG artwork that Mick from MJB Monetary Metals designed which the coin was hand sculpted from. It may look familiar to a lot of you as it is the artist that did the design of the now very widely circulated Copper Round BitCoin that was originally run by AOCS Mint in the United States and now seems to be all over the world with them on nearly every auction site, and for good reason. They are beautiful coins and it was holding that coin in my hand that made me talk more with Mick about using this beautiful design but add functionality to it so that people were left with a beautiful collectible coin, but one that also could do more and in a better way than any other physical CryptoCoin had done. That was a year and a half ago so it's been a long process but we hope to write about the history and the stages of the CryptoCoin soon.

As we approach a launch the content of the site will start to become filled in and edited and organized but we couldn't have a holding page any longer, but also haven't had any time except to be focusing on getting this coin finished and out to market. Now that we have the first sample coins due to be finished from the mint in the next week they will go off for etching to make sure the two-pass technique of writing the BitCoin address as a QR code onto the back of the coin works as well, plus better than our first trial did back in July due to the modifications we made to the design to eliminate reflections that scanners were picking up. We then plan to start reaching out to the media and distribute a very select few on loan to organizations interested in a sneak peak while the other parts of the front of the coin are finished up before it's full public release for sales. 


We felt very strongly about not talking about the product a lot before we had something more to show people and give them, and most importantly with a clear deadline and ship time in front of us. To many BitCoin projects get announced for pure publicity reasons well ahead of them having even a fully fledged idea, yet alone a prototype or nearly finished product. It was for this reason that we have only released limited details until now because the finish line is in sight and it's a beautiful one which we think you are going to agree!! 




Monday, 03 February 2014 07:10

Physical Bitcoin #ccBTC

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Our first physical CryptoCoin, a beautifully hand sculpted 45mm gold plated 1BTC coin. Minted by the experts at TowerMints and currently expected to be released in Q1 of 2014. Find out everything there is to know about our CryptoCoin BitCoins here.

Monday, 03 February 2014 07:05

About CryptoCoins

CryptoCoins Ltd is a UK registered company, number 08627365, that designs physical representations of cryptocurrency's such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, and more, and creates exciting ways for these to be created as physical objects to both commemorate and help as a vehicle for transporting the digital value of these new and exciting digital currency's. Learn more about us, and how we got started by exploring here.

Monday, 03 February 2014 05:10

Site Launch

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Launch of the new site and details of first CryptoCoin physical BitCoin. More very soon.